Verizon announces nationwide 5G coverage just as iPhone 12 gets released

Finally, Verizon releases its 5G nationwide network. This gives people an alternative over AT&T and T-Mobile’s 5G networks. Hans Vestberg, the CEO of Verizon made an announcement at Apple’s virtual iPhone 12 event on Tuesday. He said that the largest wireless carrier in the country now has a low-band 5G network. He said that this network gives more coverage at reduced speeds in comparison to the previous version.

With their low-band 5G network, Verizon will serve 200 million people. His makes them a nationwide network, according to the Federal Communications Commission. Although it is not certain yet, the majority of the new network will be available in the main cities initially.

Last December, T-Mobile launched its own nationwide network. Since then, the second-largest carrier in the USA has managed to cover 250 million individuals. AT&T achieved this over the summer and now they are covering 205 million individuals with their low-band 5G.

Verizon also expanded its Ultra Wideband network to part of several airports and sports stadiums across the country. This move brings them into parity with AT&T and T-Mobile and manages to patch up a chink in the armor of its 5G network. This is that the range of the millimeter-wave 5G network was extremely limited. This makes it a bad option for the millions of citizens staying at home to reduce the coronavirus from spreading.

Verizon still requires one to subscribe to some pricey plans in order to access its millimeter-wave 5G network. However, they made an announcement in August that the nationwide 5G network will be available to all Verizon users, including those on shared data or older unlimited plans. They just need to use a compatible 5G device.

The speed boost might be lesser than expected

It should be kept in mind that the experience of the low-band 5G signal will be somewhat similar to an exceptional 4G LTE signal. To start, Verizon is sharing the airwaves between 4G and 5G so the coverage and the speed will be similar to its current network.

The carrier is using most of its airwaves through DSS. Kyle Malady, the chief technology officer of Verizon, said that one could use all their bands with DSS. He called this a smooth transition from 4G to 5G. With more 5G devices entering the market, Verizon can concentrate its network on 5G.

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