Undelivered mail found in trash bags outside the home of a postal worker in Pennsylvania

US Postal Service Special agents found trash bags full of undelivered mail placed on the sidewalk. They were lying outside a postal employee’s residence in Baldwin Pennsylvania.

The agents work for the Office of the Inspector General of the Postal Service. They were responding to a report that mentioned the undelivered mail. Postal Service’s official statement tells us that the individual is an employee of the Mount Oliver post office.

Special Agent Scott Balfour said that the USPS OIG agents managed to recover some first-class mail, business mail, and flats. He also said they plan to make a count and deliver them to the proper recipients as soon as possible.

The Post Service did not reveal the name of the employee in their statement. But according to Special Agent Balfour, he is on a non-pay and non-duty status. He said that the special agents from USPS OIG will soon bring the investigation to a close. After this, they will present the case to the US Attorney’s Office for federal prosecution.

Balfour was quick to add that there are 630,000 employees in the Postal Service and most of them are trustworthy and hardworking people. These people work 24*7 to deliver America’s mail. He said that such incidents are extremely rare when you know the context.

Mount Oliver is a small town in Pittsburgh while Baldwin is a borough in Allegheny County.

Another such incident involving undelivered Mail

Just last week, the Justice Department charged a New Jersey mail carrier for dumping mail.

According to a statement from the Department of Justice, Nicholas Beauchene charged with one count of obstruction and one count of delay of mail. If he is found guilty of both the charges, he could be facing around 5 years of prison term and a fine of $255,000.

As per court documents, Beauchenne has been an employee of the Postal Service since the month of July. He allegedly dumped 1875 pieces of mail in a couple of dumpsters located in West Orange and North Arlington.

In the North Arlington dumpster, there was a mail that consisted of 98 general election ballots. The one in West Orange only had a single general election ballot. The DOJ said that they managed to get all of the mail to their intended destination. Howard Dinger, a resident of North Arlington found the mail in the dumpster on the 2nd of October. He immediately called for law enforcement who recovered the mail.

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