The O Blood Type People Might Have Less Risk of Getting Infected By COVID 19

In the latest health studies, the medical experts have stated that there is a less chance of people suffering from COVID if they have O Blood group type. The experts also stated that if these people are infected with COVID, then the symptoms will be mild and not critical. 


It is a conclusion of two new studies done upon COVID 19. This study was released on Wednesday, and the connection between the two studies is yet not evident. One of these studies was conducted in Denmark and another in Canada. According to CNN, the experts made it clear that more research is needed for giving a final verdict on the research. 


The Danish study recorded the fact that out of the 7422 Danes who were infected with COVID had only 38.4% of O Blood Type people. If you compare this fact with the entire untested population of 2.2 million, the infection percentage for O Blood Type patients would be 41.7% only. 


As per the further statistics in these studies tell that out the patients with A or AB blood group infected with COVID 19 usually stay for 13.5 days on an average in ICU. When compared to the O & B Blood group type, the patients stay in the ICU on an average of 9 days. 


Dr. Torben Barington, the senior author of the Danish Study, said that he is not clear now whether the O Type blood group has some advanced protection or the other blood groups are comparatively weak than O type. 


The doctors who published these studies say that people should not change their reaction and precaution towards COVID. The A-Blood people should not panic, whereas the O Blood type should not feel relaxed either. 


Of course, this study is for giving a sense of relief to a particular group of people, but the infections are still possible. The O type might give out COVID to a weakened blood group type people. So, everyone needs to follow the guidelines stated by the Government without feeling panicked or relaxed. 


Both these Canada and Denmark studies were published in a medical journal, Blood Advances by the American Society Of Hematology. The name of the two doctors is Dr. Mypinder Sekhon, who carried out the Canadian Study, and Dr. Torben Barington, the senior author of the Denmark Study. 

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