Sony is Integrating Voice Chat Recording Feature For the PS5 Owners

Every player who owns Sony PlayStation 4 did receive a surprise update after they upgraded their console to the 8.0 version. The surprise is that Sony has the right to record their voice to optimize and modify the game in future releases. 


The notifications post-update clearly stated that once you agree and get into your console, you are giving away the rights to Sony for recording your voice. This feature is now passed on to PS5 as well.


The update stated that all the voice chats done under the parties could be recorded for the moderation of the games. When PS5 launches, this feature will be already implemented in it. For the PS4 owners, the update 8.0 has it all. 


For a clear understanding tone, Sony said that every voice recorded over the PS4 or PS5 console can be sent to SONY without any individual consent. While some see bad in it, some players are quite happy with the initiative as well. 


Not just moderation of the games and console, Sony can now kick out or ban the bad party members after being reported by the fellow player mates. Sony will probably not set-up a team to hear every conversation and voice chat you do over a game. 


But they would use it in many different ways, which will soon be realized by the players. Moreover, Sony might give any further updates on how they are planning to use this voice chat recording feature of PS5. 


Not just that, but the 8.0 software upgrade has integrated many more features for changing the way messaging, and party chats work. Now, it has parental communication controls, two-factor authentication, new avatars, and others. 


For a better upgrade, Sony has upgraded the controllers of PS4 to make it able to connect with PlayStation 5 after it launches next month. So, the players can now use the older PS4 remotes for PS5 when they upgrade the console. 


The launch of PlayStation5 is almost here. With this new feature embedded within, people are giving mixed reactions to the initiative. People have to wait to get further details on how Sony is going to use and implement this initiative for game moderation. 


They would probably open-up more on voice record features at their launch event of Sony PlayStation 5 next month. So, let’s wait for further details. 

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