OnePlus Puts An End To Use Of Facebook Bloatware For Its Latest 8T Device & Future Phones

Post the launch of OnePlus Nord and One Plus 8 Series, it was very evident that the brand is implementing Facebook bloatware on its smartphones. But, as of current news, One Plus has decided to stop this practice after users became quite aware of it. 


OnePlus imposed the practice of pre-installing some Facebook apps on the devices, which is impossible to remove from the device completely. As a result, it would easily send the user data to Facebook. 


OnePlus did lose a lot of customers when this ideology of OnePlus got revealed. The company community showed their regret over losing a few customers over this practice. This change did push the consumers to shower their negativity on the brand’s idea of this change. 


After this issue was raised, OnePlus takes the stand now to declare that there are no pre-installed Facebook apps available on the OnePlus 8T Phones. Hence, it is confirmed the news, and now these devices will not come with any other possible junks. 


The company also extended its speech to say that the change is permanent, and in the future, OnePlus phones will only have Google, Netflix, and OnePlus official apps pre-installed. As of now, some consumers are happy about OnePlus realizing their mistakes. In contrast, some consumers have started to drop the idea of buying OnePlus phones. 


People did invest a good amount of money on One Plus 8, Nord, and 8 Pro devices. Unfortunately, OnePlus has done nothing more than just an apology. The device owners seek a solution or any comments to this fact from the brand. 


These device owners who have purchased flagship phones will now have to continue using the costly device, with Facebook being able to access their data. It is a shame for the brand. OnePlus will implement new measures to help gain back the lost reputation amongst a large number of consumers. 


As OnePlus 8T is out, people are showing a bit less interest in the device due to the complete Facebook bloatware situation. Even if the brand has cleared it upfront, consumers are in a dilemma to trust it or not. The only reason that would do the OnePlus 8T work amazingly is that it is affordable. 


Eventually, it is good news that OnePlus has decided not to use Facebook Bloatware with pre-installed applications over its devices anymore. People need more than just an apology to trust OnePlus once again.

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