Former Executive Assistant and Suspect in the killing of tech CEO Fahim Saleh pleads not guilty

Tyrese Haspil, the Fahim Saleh’s former executive assistant pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges on Tuesday. The district attorney has charged Haspil with dismembering and decapitating Saleh in his New York condo in the month of July.

Haspil’s plea came after his indictment by a grand jury. They indicted he 21-year old on charges of grand larceny, first and second-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence, concealing a human corpse, and second-degree burglary as well. Haspil appeared before a Manhattan state court judge via Skype and pleaded not guilty.


Fahim Saleh was killed in his Manhattan apartment on the 13th of July, 2020. The 33-year old had founded Adventure Capital, a venture capital firm in Manhattan recently. According to a law enforcement official, Haspil was in charge of handling Saleh’s personal matters and finances. The official also said that Haspil owned Saleh thousands of dollars.

The indictment said that Saleh witnessed a crime and that Haspil murdered him to prevent him from testifying in a criminal proceeding. It also charges Haspil with three counts of grand larceny for allegedly stealing a huge amount of money from Saleh’s Intuit and PayPal transfers.

As per court documents, inside Saleh’s apartment, there was a bag with his limbs and head, a Makita saw, mask, gloves, a knife, and scissors.

Neville Mitchell, the attorney who is representing Haspil said that they are contesting everything. This includes the circumstances of the murder and whether or not there is any proof of Haspil’s involvement in it.

Haspil is currently under incarceration at Rikers Island. The court has adjourned the case until the 11th of January.

The day of the Murder

On the day after Saleh’s murder, his cousin found him dead with his limbs and head severed. According to police reports, Haspil first Tasered Saleh before killing him. The last footage of the tech CEO shows him entering an elevator with an unidentified masked man dressed in black. Autopsy showed Saleh died due to the stab wound to the torso and the neck.

Fahim Saleh was a Saudi-born individual of Bangladeshi origin who grew up in New York and attended Bentley University in Massachusetts. He completed his computer science degree from there.

On July 14, when Saleh’s cousin came to check on him, Haspil was allegedly dismembering his body with a saw and fled the scene. The police arrested him days later.

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