Being first has has become a habit for Kamala Harris, although it’s not an easy task to accomplish

Kamala Harris recently became the vice-presidential nominee for the Democratic party. Less than one day later, her critics started circulating a baseless and racist conspiracy theory.

Joe Biden naming her as his running mate makes Kamala Harris the first woman of color to join the presidential ticket of a major party. The morning after her nomination, a Newsweek op-ed cast doubt upon her US citizenship as she is the child of immigrant parents.

However, several legal experts immediately discredited the idea. They pointed out that Harris’ birthplace was Oakland, California. This makes her a US citizen.

But this did not stop Donald Trump from encouraging the conspiracy theory. President Trump made similar claims against Barack Obama in the past. In a press conference in August, Trump said that it has come to his attention that Kamala Harris is not qualified for the nomination. He stated that some people are saying Harris wasn’t born in the USA.

In the two months following that, the president has kept bashing Harris. He even called her a “monster” after the vice-presidential debate last Wednesday.

The Fight Draws to a Close

Meanwhile, we are heading into the last few weeks of the presidential election. Biden seems to be leading in the major states and nationally. As such, Trumps’s efforts seem laced with a certain amount of desperation.

The polling advantage of the Democratic ticket makes it quite likely that Harris will become the first female vice-president in the country. This means after Biden leaves office, she might have the chance for a White House bid.

But it hasn’t been easy for Kamala Harris. She became involved in political activism at a very tender age, a fact that she has mentioned frequently during her campaign trail. She has credited her mother for inspiring her to join politics.

In 2003, Harris ran for the position of the San Francisco district attorney. In this process, she became the first black woman to assume the role. Fast forward seven years, Harris became the attorney general of California, breaking more barriers. She thus became the firsts Indian American and the first African American to hold the office.

She is currently a United States senator, which makes her the first black woman to represent California in the senate. Now she hopes to be first once more, the first woman vice-president of America.

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