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Transformers 7 : Release Date, Cast, Story, And Many More Latest Updates

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Transformers is an American sci-fi, action film series that has already marked its powerful presence in every viewer’s mind. It’s amongst the most loved set of all time. Finally, Paramount Pictures are set with the launch dates to its much-awaited Transformers VII.

Reasons for delay in release date

The prior date for the launch of Transformer VII was 28 Jun 2019. Afterward, Paramount canceled the plans. Although the motives are unfamiliar speculations were that the manufacturers were worried because of some financial struggles as the ticket sales went down with each entry of the new series after the launch of its second entry.

Also, it was considered that the long-time manager of the five films in the transformer, Michael Bay, had no plans of continuing with the Transformers franchise. So, Paramount decided to work on additional jobs and maintaining the sequel at hold. After the achievement of Bumblebee, Paramount chose to operate on the sequel.

Expectations from Transformer VII

There are not any official announcements about the anticipated storyline but speculations are two new films that are supposed to maintain evolution and a few of them could be the sequel of Bumblebee. However, the cast hasn’t been announced yet. We can just assume to have some new characters accompanying the older ones.

What we can expect from the Plot

As of now, that which we could presume is that the narrative needs to continue’The Last Knight’. Optimus Prime finds the fact about his source. There could be some fresh stories coming out of Cybertron. We could also anticipate the story would purely revolve around Unicorn. The sequel of Bumblebee can be in talks so we can locate some elements in the story.

Transformers movie lost its grip with the global audience (except China, where the film had a fantastic set every time) as the later series did not have much to show, i.e., it takes as a new and fresh vision with some new ideas. We can hope that this time it will stand up at everyone’s expectations.

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