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Sony will allegedly host another game presentation

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Sony will allegedly host another game presentation event where it will reveal new game trailers as well as gameplay sessions.

The flow states a PlayStation 5 clip during the show could feature the cost announcement for the console.


Another PlayStation leaker also seems to indicate that a PS5 August event is impending, but his track record is not good.

Sony and Microsoft have been in the final months of PS5 and Xbox collection X marketing before the vacation 2020 launch window for the next-gen consoles.

Each firm handled its console show differently against the backdrop of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The health crisis forced both Sony and Microsoft to cancel in-person events for its PS5 and Xbox Series X.

and every firm resorted to online contests or easy press releases to announce new details about their forthcoming consoles.

However, Sony and Microsoft did not reveal all of their PS5 and Series X keys.

We’ve not seen the new user interfaces and new software features coming into the two consoles.

PS5 availability details and inform us when preorders kick-off

Now, a fresh leak indicates Sony might shortly unveil the PS5 availability details and inform us when preorders kick-off.

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The PS5 leaker, that goes by the title of IronManPS5 on Twitter posted several information about the newest PlayStation online over the previous couple of months.

but his predictions never panned out.

The plan of this PS5 was shown during Sony’s past PlayStation online event.

several weeks ahead of this date Iron Man offered.

He was then wrong about the period of PS5 preorders.

which didn’t start a couple of weeks ago because he’d promised would be the situation.

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Following a period of radio silence on Twitter, the leaker is back with new claims.

Sony may hold a State of Play event on August 6th, according to a tweet.

this individual posted a couple of days back.

4chan where someone stated that the next Sony State of Play event

At least, that looks like the gist of his message:

On Friday evening, the leaker followed with screenshots taken from 4chan where someone stated that the next Sony State of Play event would take place on August 10th.

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This information supposedly comes from the 4chan poster’s buddy.

who is thought to get information about the game trailers that will be shown during the online press event.

As you can see in these images, the leaker posted the true PS5 titles that will be exhibited during the event.

complete with the duration of each trailer or gameplay session.

What is also interesting is that the list of clips include demonstration videos for your PlayStation 5.

The 4chan poster stated that the”PlayStation 5 trailer” could be a”montage or price statement.

” As always with 4chan escapes, you should take them with a grain of salt.

Anyone can write up anything in there. Iron Person’s track document is not outstanding , so treat it accordingly.

Admittedly, being a leaker through the coronavirus pandemic is a lot more complicated.

It’s 1 thing to leak actual press events, which require weeks of preparation.

Nonetheless, it’s more challenging to be accurate about online-only events.

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Or, better said, plans are continuously changing because of the pandemic.

therefore a leak that’s true at the time it’s shared may not wind up panning out if the provider changes course.

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Sony did say recently that it will not start PS5 preorders without appropriate warning.

Even if the PS5 cost is discharged in the coming weeks.

Xbox Series X event scheduled for August

there’s no telling when online orders will start.

Whether these rumours come true or not.

we know that Microsoft has an Xbox Series X event scheduled for August.

where the business plans to discuss the Series X backward compatibility.

Microsoft is also expected to unveil the more economical Xbox Series S console at the occasion.

We do not have a date to the August Xbox occasion.

and we have no idea whether Microsoft will reveal any accessibility details for the new consoles.

But a preceding rumour did say that Microsoft is waiting for the PS5 price reveal before announcing how much the first Xbox will cost.

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