Researchers are putting out to explore among the sea’s best mysteries


Researchers are putting out to explore among the sea’s best mysteries: A kind of sinkhole from the sea floor called a”blue hole”


Blue holes are huge caverns under the seafloor which are carved out by some unknown force, though scientists think there could possibly be freshwater springs inside them.
NOAA is financing the expedition.

The overall look of mysterious”blue holes” on the sea floor is a great reminder the waters have some secrets to tell.

and yet one special blue hole is going to receive the attention that it deserves.

The hole’s existed for a little while, though it’s seldom been analyzed.

It is mostly a sinkhole from the sea floor, making a cavern.

It is now believed that the sinkhole stretches almost 300 feet deep to the sea floor.

however there are still many unanswered questions relating to this and how it shaped.

Among the more pressing questions is whether the water within the pit is different compared to the sea water over it.

It has been considered that freshwater springs might be what generates those holes, flushing out the material under the seafloor and finally developing a difference.

The Green Banana is famous for its abundance of life surrounding it.

such as fish and aquatic plants.

therefore knowing what may differ about this region is vital for researchers.

Divers love researching the region since the water is crystal clear in comparison with the surrounding sea.

and the investigators believe there is something extraordinary happening.

To discover, they are dropping a huge piece of hardware to the hole. Almost like a stunt NASA would ship to some other world.

blue holes

the big”lander” will be put within the Green Banana.

At exactly the exact same time, scientists gather samples and attempt to identify differences between the surroundings inside the gloomy hole and out of it.

The team is interested about these strange characteristics of the sea floor.

and wishes to know as much about them as you can.

It has been theorized that gloomy holes which pop up near another might be linked in some manner.

like a underground system of springs which have hollowed from the sea sediment.

and produced a type of cave system which stays hidden.Researchers

Solving the puzzles of the blue holes will likely be hard.

but there is no telling what could be discovered after the investigators start their investigation.

It is like exploring another planet, only wetter.


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