Google account

Anybody using a Google account can now use the Google One app and also their free 15GB of storage space to back up all of their photos, videos, and documents.

If you want more than 15GB of cloud storage.

then you can upgrade to one of the paid tiers starting at $1.99 a month for 100GB of storage and extra membership perks.

Besides a viral pandemic bringing the entire world to a grinding halt.

Google account

there aren’t many scenarios more terrifying than losing all of the information in your smartphone.

A lot of us maintain what we hold dear on our telephones, from photos with family and friends to videos of trips we’ve taken to essential records that we haven’t transferred to our computers quite yet.

Losing that data would be devastating, and that’s why Google’s most up-to-date announcement should delight equally iOS and Android apparatus owners equally:

Free automatic phone copies through Google One. Google One is a cloud storage service that launched back in 2018 and contains several paid tiers.

starting at $1.99 a month for 100GB of storage.

At launch, it provided other advantages also.

from life assurance to Google Play credits.

but late last year, automatic backups were added for paid members with Android apparatus.

On Wednesday, Google not only made those copies free but enlarged them to iOS apparatus.

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“Automatic phone backup will be accessible on Android telephones.

even in the event that you don’t own a Google One membership,” says Google One boss Larissa Fontaine.

“And if you’ve got an iPhone, we are introducing a new iOS program which lets you store photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events with Google.

Start backing up your own cell phone with the Google One app.

and spare the stuff you care about using the free 15 GB of storage which comes with your Google Account.

If you break, lose, or update your telephone, you may rest easy knowing your data is secure in the cloud”

Everybody using a Google account automatically gets 15GB of free storage.

and you can now utilize the space to back up your phone, even in the event that you have an iPhone.

Obviously, as soon as you’ve stored 15GB of data on Google One, you’re likely to want to handle it.

and that’s why Google is incorporating a storage supervisor on the web.

and in the app that you could use to find out which files are consuming the most space and remove info you don’t need.

If 15GB is not enough space, however you prefer Google’s cloud storage alternative to others available on the current market.

you can upgrade to a paid subscription inside the app.

The least expensive program starts at $2.

but you can get around 2TB of cloud storage for $9.99.

a month or $99 a year should you require a lot of space for each one your files.


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