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Zoom is Facing More Significant Security Evaluation After a Flaw

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Zoom is facing more significant security evaluation after a flaw was found to open the service to hackers, placing Windows 7 users.

Researchers in Slovenian cybersecurity company ACROS Security has revealed a defect in the videoconferencing software Zoom could allow a hacker to commandeer computers remotely.

The”zero-day” vulnerability applies to Zoom applications running on Windows 7, or even older operating systems.

Windows 7 Zoom

ACROS Security noted that anyone able to exploit the vulnerability could access files on the computer, and even take over the entire device.

Microsoft has been trying to persuade Windows 7 users to upgrade but with minimal success – despite offering free updates.

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The business revealed it would be ending out assistance January 15, 2020, for Windows 7, meaning it would provide patches and security updates for Windows 7.

They mean that any bugs or problems will never get fixed. Likewise, any security vulnerabilities could remain in Windows 7, since Microsoft is not likely to patch those unless they are very severe — more.

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Many large organisations, such as the NHS, still use Windows 7 many devices, with Microsoft allowing customers to pay extra to get specialised support.

“Zoom carries all reports of possible security vulnerabilities seriously,” a Zoom spokesperson said in a statement. “This morning we received a record of a problem impacting users running Windows 7 and mature. We’ve confirmed this problem and are currently working on a patch to solve it quickly.”(Zoom is facing)

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The issue is the latest in a litany of security concerns for Zoom, which has exploded in popularity in 2020 thanks to the remote boom.

The sudden and increased demand for the systems of the company was with criminals attacking Zoom with gusto, unlike anything most companies have experienced. Following several high-profile issues, company’s CEO Eric S. Yuan promised more transparency and announced a 90-day freeze all new attributes not related to privacy, safety or security back in April – yet this deadline was missed earlier this month.(Zoom is facing)

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