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iPhone wallpaper ‘Magic Creator’: Sleek New 3D Wallpapers

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The inventor of the famous”magic” iPhone wallpaper from several years ago that made the iPhone’s dock and folder backgrounds disappear is back with a new creation.

This time around, he has designed a collection of custom wallpapers that include a subtle but one of a kind 3D effect into the iPhone’s display.

A total of 22 different colours are available for free, and these nifty new backgrounds can be downloaded at the ideal dimensions for each of Apple’s latest iPhone models.

If you are a longtime iPhone person and also a lover of this site or just about any other site that covers gadget news, you will undoubtedly recall a different iPhone wallpaper which was known as the”magic wallpaper” a graphic designer created it after that he discovered a bizarre insect called Hideaki Nakatani back in 2016. (iPhone wallpaper)

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It might make the folder backgrounds and dock background disappear when applied on an iPhone, by producing a wallpaper which has been only 1 pixel in size. It just so happened to coincide with the one year that Apple provided its new iPhones because particular”Jet Black” complete, and the magic wallpaper looked particularly spectacular in black. For people who don’t remember, you can check out what the wallpaper looked like right here.

The fun lasted some time, but then Apple fixed the bug that enabled the magic wallpaper to induce iPhones to glitch. Apple was quick to crush these bugs that were following as well, although Nakatani found a workaround or two over the years. (iPhone wallpaper)

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The graphic designer decided instead to concentrate on creating kinds of wallpapers which were creative in ways that didn’t demand bugs. His most famous ones are in a series from 2017 that puts a coloured edge around the perimeter of newer iPhones’ screens to showcase the notch.

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One example is pictured at the top of this article in the featured picture, and you can download them here. Now, Nakatani comes with a brand-new set of wallpapers that owners that are iPhone will need to check out. (iPhone wallpaper)

Apple’s inventory iPhone backgrounds have surely gotten better through the years. Nevertheless, use a custom wallpaper, and most people like to distinguish themselves from the pack a bit. Some people today use photographs of family and others download wallpapers online. If you’re looking for something new and fresh to adorn the display of your iPhone, we have just the thing. (iPhone wallpaper)

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The new iPhone wallpaper series is called”3D Border” for obvious reasons. When applied — with view zoom mind you — those wallpapers create a neat 3D impact that produces the border appear raised while the rest of the background looks like it is sunken into the phone’s display. There are versions available for all of Apple’s latest iPhone versions, and they are all free to obtain from Nakatani’s web site. (iPhone wallpaper)

One set of wallpapers is sized perfectly to the iPhone 11 Pro Max/XS Max, another set functions on the iPhone 11 Pro/XS/X, and also a third set is sized for the screen on the iPhone 11/XR. Naturally, the new 3D Border wallpaper can be found in 22 different colours.

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