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Xbox Series S: Microsoft Will Counter PS5 Digital Edition

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Microsoft was reportedly planning to reveal a cheaper version of the Xbox series X at E3 2020, but the pandemic forced the company to adjust on the fly.
Microsoft is now set to reveal the Xbox Series S (codename Lockhart) in August.

In the meantime, Microsoft is now going to reveal us first-party Xbox Series X games in action in a digital event in July, which will incorporate the initial gameplay footage from Halo Infinite.

While Sony was nowhere to be found up throughout May, Microsoft had mastered the headlines with information. We saw the Xbox Series X’s layout for the first time in The Sports Awards way back in December, and Microsoft shared details about the console’s specifications and attributes.

All that we needed to see was running on the next-gen games console, but Microsoft fumbled its gameplay show, which opened the doorway for Sony to steal the spotlight with a massive PS5 showcase of its own.

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Then it had been the turn to disappear in June of Microsoft. Despite asserting”monthly moments” from its Xbox 20/20 initiative, all of that we obtained were a series of blog articles, many of which just fleshed out features that had already been declared. Microsoft’s silence was mysterious, but Eurogamer may have cracked the code this week.

According to a Eurogamer report, Microsoft initially planned to disclose the so-called Xbox Series S (codenamed Lockhart) at E3 2020, which had been going to take place in early June before the novel coronavirus pandemic forced the ESA to cancel the show.

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The less powerful, cheaper Xbox was likely to be explained, and we’d have observed the same games being played on either the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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That was going to be the summer’s gambling event for Microsoft, although sony had made it clear before the cancellation of the show it would not be participating in E3. Apparently, between E3’s removal and everyone at Xbox working remotely,” it became apparent Microsoft could no longer show both its boxes and next-gen games all at precisely the same moment.” That is when the company chose to spread its statements out.

Cut into June 8, when VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb reported Microsoft”was planning to flaunt the long-rumored, more-affordable Xbox Lockhart around June 9,” but pushed its own plans to August. In response, Xbox marketing head Aaron Greenberg said that nothing had been pushed back, but its next digital display would be in July.

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Irrespective of when or how any of these reveals were meant to occur, the fact is that the past two months are lacking in relation to Xbox news that is important. Nevertheless, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, has already started to hype up the July occasion, which will provide us our first look at first-party games coming to Xbox Series X, such as Halo Infinite. Following the impressive showing in June of Sony, Microsoft needs to swing the momentum back.

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