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Money Heist Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Latest News

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MONEY HEIST has seemingly been confirmed after the cast of the Netflix show announced they were planning to return to filming at a short movie shared by Netflix Spain.

As the Bank of money heist remains underway, fans of La Casa De Papel have been anxiously awaiting news of a season. Even though Netflix has remained relatively tight-lipped about the future of money Heist, the Spanish Twitter accounts shared a clip of the cast revealing they were preparing to return on set to film. Lisbon star Itziar Ituño has hinted the season will see the end of the robbery.

In a movie titled Volvemos, so people return, the cast of money Heist could be found alongside other Spanish Netflix stars.

Alvaro Morte, who plays The Professor, declared: “What excites me most about filming is reuniting with the people.”

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He could be seen fiddling with a pair of black-rimmed eyeglasses, much like his Currency Heist character.

Lisbon star Itziar added: “It knows how the story ends,” as she tied her hair in her character’s try

Season four of this show saw the gang get 1 step closer to pulling off their robbery of the Bank of Spain.

Although they suffered several setbacks, including the passing of Nairobi (played with Alba Flores), Lisbon’s arrival in the final episode marked the gang’s next step to getting out with the gold.

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Since the gang currently have Gandia (José Manuel Poga) back into their custody, they are poised to continue with their plan without further diversion.

Could Itziar’s comment have revealed the heist will come to an end in the next season?

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For the first time, the gang may need to try and escape the lender without the help of The Professor.

He ended up four held at gunpoint from Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri), that was out for revenge after she was sacked from her role of Inspector.

It comes as lovers have theorized the show will end with Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) as the only survivor.

As it started as she had been the first person, The Professor appeared to help him steal millions, Tokyo has narrated the series.

Now, fans believe her position as narrator means she will be the only man.

One Reddit user posited: “I hunted this on google, “why would Tokyo narrate the heists in money heist” and as a result, I discovered this as the first result.

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“Now, I don’t think what I search on google, whether it’s a symptom of a disorder or anything.”

They added they found the following result: “Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) is the only one left living in the end.

“Redditor redpa1ntt suggests why Tokyo is that the narrator is because she is the only person who resides the heists.

“While we have lost some members on the way, the majority of the gang members are out of the eight in S1.”

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But longtime fans of the show will understand Money Heist was canceled after two string in Spain before Netflix picked this up.

This might imply Tokyo was intended to be the only survivor. Their plans might have changed to allow them to come up with a different heist after Netflix requested.

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