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Apple Glasses: Closer to Reality with Apple’s NextVR Acquisition

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It’s been rumoured that Apple is currently working on a set of reality glasses. And the most recent leaks suggest the Apple Glasses are on the horizon.

The company’s site noted it’s”heading in a new direction” and Apple supported the deal to The Wall Street Journal. But didn’t shed any light on the details of the equation. We’d be pretty confident it will use NextVR not just to augment some of its VR ideas but also to aid its AR glasses attempts.

For some time, Apple and AR have been flirting to its support for augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go. However, it’s yet to step into making an AR device that is committed fully.

NextVR does make VR or AR hardware, but it will specialize in compressing it that can be easily viewed on the VR headsets and shooting video. It is an essential part of providing articles for VR and AR apparatus.

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We would hazard a guess that is fantastic that Apple has a set of AR eyeglasses. And a VR headset in the functions, using its experience to generate a slick pair of AR specs. And its purchase of NextVR gives it the capacity to make AR content and VR for its apparatus.

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Apple could be considering creating 360-degree movies and shows to go one of its Apple TV Plus subscription streaming support.

Microsoft is another tech company that is headquartered in AR using its HoloLens goggles, which therefore are rather striking and are now in their second-generation. So using hardware expertise and its resources, there’s no reason.

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