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Apple AirPods 3: Leaked Price, Spec, Launch and More

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Following the success of Apple AirPods Pro that is noise-canceling and the Apple AirPods 2, there’s already talk about an Apple AirPods 3 releasing.

Much like its predecessors, AirPods 3 might introduce some new features while carrying touch-types over from the AirPods Pro, for example, noise cancellation fit, and sound. Should this be the case, that the Apple AirPods 3 might wind up becoming another Apple product that has been rumored for some time: the AirPods Pro Lite. A stripped-down version at a more affordable price of this AirPods Pro? It’s a strong possibility, but one which remains unsure, for today.

But if what the Twitterverse and business specialists are reporting pan out, we will not have to wait to have the AirPods 3 dangling out of our ears.

Here is the lowdown on the Apple AirPods 3 so far, such as the AirPods 3 release date, specs, price, features, and more.

Apple AirPods 3

Apple AirPods 3 launch Date

A wrench threw in the 2020 product lineup program of Apple. Whether the AirPods 3 is listed with the releases of this year remains unknown, though recent reports suggest it will hit store shelves in 2021 or late 2020.

One month back, Front Page Tech host and Apple leaker Jon Prosser pointed to a May reveal for the new earbuds. Prosser asserts the AirPods were meant for a March 2020 Apple occasion and will get announced next month across the MacBook Pro 2020.

However, in a study note that noticed a well-known Apple insider, Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that there will be no new AirPods launch this year. The Word is that Apple intends to clear its existing stock, which has been affected by the pandemic.

Additionally, we may see the AirPods 3 launching together with the Apple AirPods Studio, the organization’s long-rumored over-ear cans that Prosser claims is”Aimed for WWDC.”

Remember that Apple published the AirPods two in 2019’s spring, so an imminent reveal for its AirPods 3 doesn’t seem unreasonable. Given that the outbreak has canceled all technology shows, we expect the AirPods 3 to be announced via a press release, similar to the current iPad Pro 2020 and iPhone SE 2020.

Apple AirPods 3

Apple AirPods 3 price

Let’s take two points here: naming specs and tradition. Not needing”Pro” in its moniker implies the AirPods 3 will probably be cheaper than the AirPods Pro. Less expensive by much, however, has not yet been determined. The AirPods Pro is available for $249 with a wireless charging case.

In the event the AirPods 3 functions as a real sequel to the AirPods two, we could presume it will share a similar MSRP, which falls around the sub-$200 price point: $159 for the simple version and $199 with wireless charging case. Kuo also asserts that Apple plans later this year, on slashing costs for the AirPods model.

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Pricing could vary based on what specs Apple that is new stuff within the AirPods 3’s ceramic casing. Whatever path the company goes, the buy is going to come at a premium.

Apple AirPods 3

Apple AirPods 3 layout

Well, there can be a small glimmer of hope if you have wanted for your AirPods to receive a look. A report by well-known Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo reported to investors that Apple had been working in Q4 2019, sharing the same design as the AirPods 2 and the other from a new form element. It’s possible with the AirPods 3 being the different version in question that the former may have proven to be the AirPods Pro.

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However, the most up-to-date report of Kuo states the version will only have changes; the outside design would stay the same. This falls in line with what MacRumors editor Joe Rossignol tweeted concerning the next-gen AirPods bearing precisely the same resemblance to the AirPods Pro in March:

Apple AirPods 3

Let us say this is true, then add black microphone vents, more extended sound interfaces, and the tiny indented”force sensor” in the base of each stem to the list. Now that Apple has become a more brand. There is also the risk that the AirPods 3 might be manufactured from components, similar to the AirPods Pro.

  • Regrettably, no reliable rumors are suggesting the AirPods 3 will send with water or sweat resistance. That is a feature exclusive to the AirPods Pro taking naming conventions it is unlikely the AirPods 3 include a certification that is IPX4.

Is color availability. If we settle a fourth time? Though Apple may want to rethink its strategy. Now, it is looking like a yes. A new leak seen by Android Police reveals HTC has a black finish and a wireless model in the works that boasts the same long-stemmed silhouette as the AirPods. Additionally, there are reports of Beats publishing the Powerbeats Pro in four distinct colors: pink, yellow, red, and light blue. The AirPods 3 may only benefit from sleeker shades, including Space Gray, Midnight Green, or some of the other enticing iPhone 11 colorways.

Apple AirPods 3 specs and features

Details about the Apple AirPods 3 specs are scarce, although experts still believe that Apple may make some substantial improvements.

Apple AirPods 3

There were reports of Apple testing a range of health attributes for the AirPods two back in 2019, though nothing came of it. Could we see some of these around the AirPods 3? We have heard nothing up to now, but that could change in the coming months.

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Any features the AirPods 3 take on may come as part of the upcoming iOS 14 upgrade that’s supposed release in the Fall and to the introduction in June at WWDC 2020. A Bloomberg report from February claimed that Apple is significantly contemplating letting users set third-party programs on iPhones as their default choices.

That means rather than using the organization’s Safari browser and Mail app; you’re going to be able to utilize popular services like Google Chrome and Gmail right off the bat. This could also carry over to the AirPods 3, enabling user-friendly features like”Hey Siri” and Announce Messages to function seamlessly with non-Apple programs.

Going back into Rossignol’s tweet, the AirPods 3 might have the same sound quality as the AirPods Pro, which mentions the buds will have an EQ. The same may also signify the inclusion of this AirPods Pro’s Ear Tip Fit Test that helps to”provide a good seal and excellent sound,” should the AirPods 3 come bundled with tips.

When a new Apple chip is unveiled, one issue that comes up when discussing AirPods is.

The present H1 chip made a massive splash on the AirPods 2, enhancing audio latency, battery control (50% more talk time), and connectivity, to name a couple. Let’s not forget hands-on”Hey Siri” support and Audio Chat (listen to audio from two collections of AirPods or Beats headphones on a single sound source) too.

Unfortunately, there has been zero chatter about an H1 successor. What we do know, based on recent releases and other scheduled (and rumored) Apple sound products slated for release this year, is that the H1 chip will probably last to be at the forefront of their operation. A leak discovered by MacRumors from the iOS 13.3.1 software update signaled the all-new Beats Powerbeats 4 could operate on the H1 chip: that was true.

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Lastly, as all signs point to the AirPods 3 being a solution, it’s presumed the buds will launch without noise cancellation. The noise-canceling powerhouse, the Sony WF-1000xM3 of sony, has dropped to $199, so if Apple somehow included ANC, it would undercut both Sony and all other competitors.

Apple AirPods 3 charging and battery case

Everyone’s biggest gripe concerning the AirPods is battery life. The AirPods 2 and 1 provide just 5 hours on a single charge, while the AirPods Pro is rated reduced at 4.5 hoursANC takes up a lot of juice. The charging cases for all three versions offer the same quantity of playtime: 24 hours. There are.

We guess that battery life will remain between 4.5 to 5 hours on a single charge. Boo. Wireless charging seems like a guarantee, especially considering that Apple has released Qi-based wireless charging instances.

Apple’s quick charging feature appears like another. Whereas the AirPods Pro functions netting users 1 hour of playtime to a charge, the AirPods 2 provides three hours onto a 15-minute charge. While powerful, we feel Apple needs to have a page from Beats’ playbook and use the Powerbeats Pro’s Fast Fuel feature, which provides you slightly more playtime in the same charging time: 1.5 hours on a 5-minute fee and 4.5 hours on a quarter-hour.

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What we want from the Apple AirPods 3

Where do we begin? The AirPods series as a whole is due for some upgrades. Seeing how Apple finally caved into some customer needs with the AirPods Pro (e.g., ANC, integrated ear hints ), there is a possibility that the AirPods 3 receives comparable, if not more significant remedy. Here’s what we have on our wish list.

Adaptive EQ and aptX HD: While far from a game-changer, the AirPods Pro’s elastic EQ does improve the sound, even if by a small margin. That does not mean Apple can’t develop it. Its inclusion, along with aptX HD, which the Sony WF-1000xM3 is rumored to be getting an update for and permits for wireless streaming of Hi-Res Audio codecs, would make a difference.

Longer battery life: Competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus (11 hours) and Apple’s own Powerbeats Pro (9 hours) offer double click the playtime. It is time.

Noise cancellation: After bringing ANC into the AirPods Pro, the most peculiar thing Apple can do is not provide any sound removal on the AirPods 3. The passive sound reduction can only be granted by the company, although it does not have to be ANC per se. Such as Jabra did together with all the Jabra Elite 75t the mold and the inclusion of ear suggestions should allow for diminished ambient sound Apple tweaking its algorithm will improve performance.

Fitness-tracking detectors: Companies like Jabra have engineered their game workout earbuds to twice as fitness trackers. We know Apple is about using its consumers to embrace their ecosystem, so investing in their whole suite of products (e.g., iPhone, Apple Watch). Still, having an action monitor built-in AirPods 3 could be an excellent secondary alternative for avid exercisers who forget to control their smartwatch before hitting the gym.

More accessories, please: Bundled ear tips made such a big difference in fit for the AirPods Pro, and while they would do precisely the same for your AirPods 3, Apple needs to enlarge its accessories lineup with some other unique extras. For starters, let us get some ear hooks packed with the buds. We have a leather cover and guard the delicate charging case.

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An iPhone 12/AirPods 3 bundle: Kuo considers the approaching iPhone 12 will not include a free set of EarPods. Notably, when excluding them will drive sales of the AirPods collection, it makes a lot of sense. Should that be the case, offering a bundle will be enough incentive to possess Apple wireless earbuds?

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