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The Last Kingdom Season 4 is Coming to Netflix Tonight: Cast, Plot And Everything We Know So Far

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Can Uhtred find his way back home to Bebbanburg? Can the Kingdom of the fantasy of a united England and Wessex pan outside which Alfred is now gone? The Last Kingdom year 4 will be unlike every other season we’ve had so much and it kicks off tonight on Netflix.

For all those who intend on staying up till the minute it falls on Netflix, The Last Kingdom year 4 will be formally dropped at 3:01 am ET. For all those around the West Coast of you, it is going to be.

Season 3 reasoned With lots of the players coming from this sequence. In addition to Alfred’s death and Edward. Ragnor the Younger has been Murdered by Aethelwold in his sleep. Aethelwold was then Because he assisted his brother, Murdered by Uhtred make his way.

Uhtred is finally returning to Bebbanburg

The Last Kingdom

It’s the betrayal that kick-started this entire saga: Later Uhtred’s Father died in the conflict, the property he should have inherited was stolen from him by his treacherous uncle who wanted him dead.

Uhtred found refuge setting him on his outstanding Path in existence, but he lost his lust for vengeance and his urge to recover what is rightfully his.

For the past few seasons, this subplot has taken a back seat to more Pressing on concerns, as the continuing Dane strikes on Wessex — but that looks set to change.

The year four trailer verifies the recurrence of uncle Aelfric (Joseph Millson), Who’s seen gazing out from the safety of fortified Bebbanburg — it could finally be time for face-off years in the making.

King Edward’s reign is off to a rough start

Poor King Edward (Timothy Innes). Following his sickly father finally Passed the young prince had a rise to the throne, which saw the emergence of enemies both outside and within his own kingdom.

Though it seems his reign has been approved, he faces the same Challenge that plagued his dad: ruining the Saxon people and keeping the Danish warriors from conquering Wessex.

Fortunately, while there was about the boy’s leadership And fighting abilities, Edward appears to have become more optimistic Because we last saw him getting stuck into the action on the barbarous of England battlefields.

Love is in the air for Uhtred and Aethelflaed

Even Though the pair have Exhibited obvious feelings for Every Other, neither Uhtred nor Aethelflaed (Millie Brady) have collaborated on which they agree would be a doomed romance.

Nonetheless, in the heat of conflict, the year four trailer shows the two Seemingly about to discuss a kiss, of them becoming close.

Considering that the fate of Uhtred’s previous romantic partners, that may not be Aethelflaed’s wisest decision.

The Last Kingdom 4 Trailer

The first full trailer for The Last Kingdom season 4 sees Uhtred’s thoughts turn to his usurped title and property (and also to Aethelflaed, by the looks of how cozy they are in this clip) while the Danish threat against King Edward’s throne as represented by Cnut’s military keeps growing.

Between regaining his birthright from his eponymous uncle Aelfric, or pursing Alfred’s dream of a united England, where will destiny send Uhtred, son of Uhtred? We’ll find out on April 26th.

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