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‘No Time To Die’, after it was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic

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Filmmaker Cary Joji Fukunaga has dismissed the suggestion he should enhance his upcoming project, James Bond film’s Time To Die’ after it was postponed on account of the coronavirus pandemic. The film, which marks celebrity Daniel Craig’s final outing as British spy 007, was made to release this month but in the wake of the worldwide outbreak, the manufacturers decided to push it until November.
Fukunaga, who came aboard as a manager following the exit of Danny Boyle, was asked by a fan on Instagram about”trimming and polishing” the picture, given the excess time that he currently has before the movie’s introduction.

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In his response, the manager said the final cut of the movie is fantastic and there’s no requirement to”tinker” with it.
“Some people have asked me this and although time could have been lovely, we had to put our pens down once we completed our article creation window, that was before COVID shut down everything else,” Fukunaga said.

“The brief answer is money. Although Bond is a big picture, we still have to weigh cost with value. And like anything, you can tinker. The movie is great as it is, hopes you’ll feel the same also as it comes out,” he added.

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‘No Time To Die’, which will be 25th installment of this action spy franchise, continues to be plagued with numerous problems since the beginning.

This past year, Craig endured an accident during the film’s shooting in Jamaica, where he underwent a minor operation in the ankle.

The newest movie in the Bond franchise was previously set to be directed by Boyle and had a release date of November 8, 2019.

However, the Oscar-winning filmmaker exited the project over”creative differences”, along with frequent collaborator, screenwriter John Hodge. The movie’s release date was moved to April 2020.

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