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Borderlands 3: This Is Why Borderland 3 Randy Pitchford Is Trending On Twitter

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Randy Pitchford, Gearbox Software that makes Borderlands 3’s President and CEO, is trending on Twitter. The whole gaming community and the fans are posting tweets by tagging Randy and utilizing hashtags. The tweets aren’t in favor of Randy but they’re opposing Randy for his actions.


Borderlands 3

Following the information given by Gearbox workers, they’re underpaid by the company. The profit is shared among its workers in the form of Royalties to make it up to them. While the workers are given the rest the split for those exemptions is 60/40, the 60 percent goes back to the company and its owners.

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This system was since its beginning in the company and as soon as the firm has big strikes, it is good news for those employees. For example, like a hit, Borderlands 2 came out in 2012 and made enough cash to purchase houses. This 2012 bonus can be used bait to lure in its employees and to employ new workers.


But, things have not gone smoothly for the provider. After giving flop games like Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013) and also Battleborn (2016), the organization’s financial conditions weren’t great. And due to the requirements, the bonuses given were not sufficient to keep the employees contented.

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Though things got much better as the company started the sequel Borderlands 3, of its 2012’s hit. Borderlands 3 is a massive success for the company after a long time and things are looking great. As the game made a profit which is off the charts the employees were happy and the employees looked forward to their bonuses. On the other hand, the happiness did not last for long. Recently, the CEO of the company announced their tests would be lower than they had anticipated.


This made the employees very unhappy as they expected more from the company. They had their hopes because the administration had announced that older employees will get cheques. Things are currently looking hard for the employees in Gearbox Software especially.

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The workers were shocked when they came to know that the amount that is deducted is not going to aid funds as a contribution. Some leaked information has advised that the same will go inside the CEO’s pocket.

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