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Rocket Attacks Jane Foster For Your Truth Stone In Endgame Concept Art

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New concept Artwork for Avengers: Endgame Shows Rocket Raccoon trying to attack Jane Foster for the Truth Stone. In the wake of the reduction to Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and the destruction of the gems in the principal MCU timeline, the heroes went back in time to collect all six Infinity Stones from the hopes of bringing back those who died in the snap. With limited work force, the Avengers broke into groups as they executed their missions.

Thanks to their apparent chemistry in Infinity War, Rocket and Thor were again teamed-up. This time, they found themselves traveling to the events of Thor:

The Dark Planet to get the Truth Stone from Jane, who had been at Asgard at that point. So Rocket had to execute the mission by himself sadly, the God of Thunder was still having trouble dealing five decades prior. The Asgardian palace awakens in which he came into touch and extracted the rock from her.

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Endgame did not show how the whole thing panned out on the screen, rather, fans were just given a rough idea about how Rocket managed to accomplish his mission. However, newly-emerged concept artwork from the movie gives fans a notion of how it went down.

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Marvel Studios was not able to picture this whole order for the film because while Natalie Portman appeared at the undertaking, directors Joe and Anthony Russo just used a deleted scene from The Dark Planet – meaning she wasn’t on set. A new dialog is recorded by her for it.

With the Guardians of the Galaxy allegedly appearing in Thor: Love and Thunder, although the projects also marks the official return of Portman into the franchise, it’s interested if she and Rocket will cross paths.

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If they do, then it will be cool for Jane to remember him from her days in Asgard. That’s going to be one way of tying Avengers: Endgame to the forthcoming Taika Waititi film. A quip from Rocket speaking to their previous encounter ought to be sufficient if she does not recognize him.

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