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Big News: Coronavirus Vaccine Researchers Just Delivered Some Fantastic Information

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  • Researchers studying the genetics of the novel coronavirus are hopeful that a vaccine may have long-lasting effects, as the virus is not mutating up to the influenza, which requires a new vaccine every year.
  • The study changes based on the evaluation population. While geneticists from Iceland reported more mutations that produce the virus more infectious, but maybe not hazardous, researchers at the US found just a few mutations.
  • Separately, a Singaporean laboratory has developed technology that may help scientists monitor the mutations of their COVID-19 virus and asses the consequences of vaccine candidates faster than formerly.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has claimed the lives of nearly 20,000 people out of the more than 438,000 confirmed cases enrolled in the time of this writing, and it is not quitting anytime soon. There is no miracle cure that is part of an extensive mega trial and for COVID-19, although remedies have revealed promises in limited studies. And there is no vaccine either, even more than 20 of these are in the works. There is A vaccine the only treatment that may prevent COVID-19, and at least 2 of these are already in clinical trials — including a single in the US at the moment. While health workers might find the vaccine many people won’t be inoculated until about 18 months from today, at the soonest, which appears to be a while to wait. But, there’s more good news from researchers who are currently studying the virus. Unlike the flu, which needs a new vaccine each year, the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine may have efficacy.

United States

Limited protection is offered by the flu vaccine because the influenza strains out there mutate at a quick pace. That is why you want one. A vaccine could offer protection for a limited time if this were to occur using the SARS-CoV-2. We also do not understand the resistance how long it lasts, or the body obtains after battling with COVD-19. But data indicates that a vaccine could have.

According to investigators from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory who talked with The Washington Post, the novel coronavirus isn’t mutating significantly.

“That is a relatively small number of mutations for having passed by a high number of people,” molecular geneticist Peter Thielen said. “At this stage, the mutation rate of this virus would suggest that the vaccine developed for SARS-CoV-2 would be a single vaccine, rather than a new vaccine every year such as the influenza vaccine.”

The vaccine would be similar to the measles or chickenpox vaccines, ” he explained. “I would expect a vaccine for coronavirus would have a similar profile to these vaccines. It is great news.”

Scientists looked at over 1,000 samples of this virus and there were only about four to ten differences between the strains which infected the virus that spread in Wuhan, China, and US citizens. Two other scientists who were part of the committee called the virus, Stanley Perlman of the University of Iowa and Benjamin Neuman of Texas A&M University at Texarkana stated when it comes to mutations that the virus looks secure.

“Flu does have one trick up its sleeve which coronaviruses don’t have — the influenza virus genome is broken into several segments, each of which codes for a receptor. When two flu viruses are in the same cell, they can swap some sections, potentially creating a new combination immediately — this is the way the H1N1’swine’ flu originated,” Neuman said.

It’s not always all fantastic news.


Scientists from Iceland were able to track 40 mutations of coronavirus in their nation alone, based on Dutch-language site Information. A likely scenario is that the virus develops to be contagious but harmful for all those affected, as reported by a virologist.

The report notes that a single person in Iceland can be infected by two separate strains of the virus.

“We’ve found 40 island-specific virus mutations,” DeCode Genetics director Kári Stefánsson said. “We found that a man who had a mixture of viruses. They had viruses and after the mutation, and also the sole illnesses traceable to that individual would be the mutated virus”

He continued, “We possess the genes from more than 400 infections. The intriguing thing about that sequencing is where the virus originated from, that we can track. Some came from Austria. There is another type. And there is a third kind of virus found in people infected in England. Seven individuals had attended a football game in England.”

But even if the virus does have more mutations in the forthcoming years and years, researchers are looking at ways to monitor and deal with those genetic alterations.


Geneticists from the Singapore Duke-NUS Medical School developed a technique that enables them to evaluate vaccines and to monitor changes. The school has partnered with American biotech firm Arcturus Therapeutics for vaccine trials, and also the brand new technician could help them evaluate the proposed vaccine’s effectiveness and side effects in only a few days, Reuters reports. They would need months to conduct evaluations based on human responses.

Prior to proceeding to human trials in the next half of the year, the researchers will examine the vaccines.

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