Home Entertainment Why WandaVision TV series release date is postponed?

Why WandaVision TV series release date is postponed?

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Why WandaVision TV series release date is postponed?, All the Marvel fans got a major “what to do with our lives now?” question since the Avenger series got ended. But still, Marvel’s fans are looking forward to its upcoming movies as well as web series.

Disney has moved the release date of WandaVision from 2021 to 2020 and here’s why. Disney already has confirmed Phase 4 film also Phase 5 Blade but Marvel Studios Kevin Feige also announced Winter soldier and the Falcon in this fall of 2020. The mouse House in a video has confirmed the release of some of its TV series in 2020, the show has also had some exclusive leaked photos from the set Teyonah Parris as a grown-up Monica Rambeau (who is none other than the kid in Captain Marvel) and Elizabeth Olsen back as Wanda Maximoff. Since the shoot is perfectly complete it is ready to stream this year.

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Why WandaVision TV series release date is postponed?

Why WandaVision TV series release date is postponed-

The Mandalorian season was a huge success for Disney+ so people are eagerly waiting for the second season of The Mandalorian. Since after the release of The Mandalorian some people seem to think about losing the subscription but the second season is keeping them stuck.

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Since we already know that 2021 is packed up well with loads of Marvel movies it has four movies confirmed to come in 2021 “Shang-chi and the legend of ten rings, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse”.”Spiderman Homecoming 3″ and “Thor: Love and Thunder”. There are other movies whose date is yet to be decided. Before WandaVision and Loki were to come when Doctor Strange would be in theater since both of the stories get tied to Madness of Multiverse. But now it looks like fans will have to wait to learn about how things will get connected.

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Why WandaVision TV series release date is postponed

Another reason why WandaVision will fit nicely into 2020 is that since “The Black Widow” will be in the theater in May and the next big movie will be “The Eternals” which not be out since November. And we also have The Falcon and The Winter Soldier aired in 2020 at Disney+ and so as now WandaVision will also keep all the Marvel fans occupied in this fantasy world.

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