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Star Wars: The Truth of Chewbacca’s Medal Explained By Comics

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Star Wars- The Truth of Chewbacca’s Medal Explained By Comics, The ending scenes of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has brought in a lot of fan-service moments, and brought decades-long storylines to an end which includes the delivery of a medal to Chewbacca which seemed long overdue… but some viewers may have misinterpreted the scene.

As is known to many, rewarding their victory during the Battle of Yavin both Luke Skywalker and Han Solo were awarded the Rebel Alliance’s Medal of Bravery in Star Wars: A New Hope. But someone else who had played an equally important role hadn’t gone unnoticed by the viewers: the mighty Chewbacca, who co-piloted the Millennium Falcon, didn’t receive any medals. A scene in ‘Rise of Skywalker’ rectifies that mistake… but it’s also kind of misleading, if not completely wrong.

Star Wars- The Truth of Chewbacca’s Medal Explained By Comics

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The truth behind this is explained in the comics. A lot of the scenes were ‘bonus’ material, different from the to the plot but essential for understanding the films, but Chewbacca’s lack of a medal and the significance of Leia’s gift are two is a major explanation fan won’t want to miss.

While Chewbacca wasn’t awarded a medal during the ceremony, in the Marvel Comics Chewbacca miniseries it has been revealed that he did get one at a later after the Battle of Yavin and afterwards gifts his medal to a girl named Zarro, after adventuring with her. Chewbacca’s ‘warrior vibe’ did not go with the medal, thus he parted with it. Back in 1977, Lucas gave an explanation as to why Chewbacca didn’t receive a medal in the original Star Wars by revealing that a different ceremony was held with Chewbacca’s own people as a way to honour his heroic act along with the Rebel Alliance (explaining why he freely gifts his own medal away).

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A number of years and battles afterwards, long-deserved peace had been won and as the Resistance celebrates their hard-earned victory, Maz Kanata comes to Chewie and gives him a Medal of Bravery that Leia wanted him to have. In the starting this seems to be an emotional moment, receiving a gift from Leia that should have been given years ago. But if it is analysed properly and taken into account the comics and the comments from Lucas, it looks like a contradiction. If the medal was the one which was awarded to Han Solo in A New Hope, then the scene does have some sense, and would definitely mean more to Chewie this way than if the medal was new a replacement, or his own being returned to him. Although the medal isn’t confirmed to be Han’s, considering that it was in Leia’s possession earlier in the film does indicate it to be her late husband’s. Maz giving Han’s medal to Chewie on Leia’s behalf would be an honour worth keeping by a by Chewie.  Also, with the deaths of the entire Solo family, the medal would help Chewbacca be in peace, with also his life debt to Han and his family is completed.

With all this, the gifting of a medal to Chewbacca seems like a minor moment in a film that has several other larger ones but is worth talking about as is important for one of the Star Wars galaxy’s oldest and most beloved characters.

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