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Netflix Canceled Iron Fist Before Season 3 Story Discussions

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Netflix Canceled Iron Fist Before Season 3 Story Discussions, Iron Fist showrunner M. Raven Metzner has declared that the show has been canceled ere any communications about story plans for season 3 have too started.

Iron Fist which aired on Netflix was canceled before discussions were held about any considering story ideas for the series’ third season. This Marvel originated show, revolves around ‘Iron Fist’ Danny Rand played by Finn Jones, who gains superpowers when he returns surviving a plane crash. Billionaire Danny, also a martial arts expert, who’s presumed dead for 15 years eventually returns home in New York.

Netflix Canceled Iron Fist Before Season 3 Story Discussions

Netflix Canceled Iron Fist Before Season 3 Story Discussions-

Just like Marvel/Netflix shows Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, this series is also considered a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the four were seen joining forces for 2017’s The Defenders, a miniseries containing eight-episode that saw the heroes fight the Hand. Unfortunately, Netflix wants to separate all of these four series from Marvel, which was the cause or in the minimum helped to result in their cancellations. Daredevil’s spin-off series The Punisher ended up in the same fate due to the same reason. In Iron Fist’s case, soon after the debut of season 2, the cancellation was decided.

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Netflix Canceled Iron Fist Before Season 3 Story Discussions

Promptly, according to Iron Fist showrunner M. Raven Metzner, Netflix and Marvel never had any discussions about season 3, as the cancellation of the show had been decided beforehand. On Twitter, when a fan especially asked about Danny’s abilities and what observers might have learned about them, Metzner answered with a thought he had played with which involved Danny’s Chi and guns.

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Some people believe that Netflix may have canceled this show due to the new streaming service Disney+. Although Disney+ doesn’t have any MCU original series yet, some are listed to start this year itself which will be presenting direct conflict to Netflix’s original content. Scheduled to debut this fall, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will be introduced in 2020. Recently, moving up the original Spring 2020 release of WandaVision, Disney+ announced in New Year that the new series will also drop this year; a probable cause of this decision being the success of The Star Wars Series The Mandalorian, also original to Disney+.

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Netflix Canceled Iron Fist Before Season 3 Story Discussions--

Although, Marvel fans are still very depressed regarding the cruel cancellations of their popular MCU shows on Netflix, including Iron Fist; thankfully to social media, viewers are likely to hear teases of what might have happened had a show not been canceled. While due to this fans can now imagine Metzner’s interesting ideas which could be used in season 3 more clearly, they may not have to wait forever before potentially seeing the character of Danny Rand again as Netflix’s rights to this Marvel character will expire in 2020. With any luck, fans will be able to see some variation on Iron Fist shortly.

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